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Deep talent searching, years of experience and powerful technical
resources combine to make Blaze the choice of more company’s
who need to outsource their HR needs and duties.


Master Your Talent Sourcing & Hiring Issues with our solutions.

Our reputation for finding the right employee for the job is backed by more than 40 years of experience. Blaze Workforce Solutions offers the market’s finest Strategist, Marketers, Cultivators, Bookkeepers, Distributors and other needed talent available for the Cannabis Industry. We are your right choice to fill any type of roles.


Direct Hiring Management.

Blaze provides Direct Hire Placement on either a contingency or retained search basis, for professionals at all levels. You can choose either option, whichever one most fits your needs. Most of our clients eventually choose the retained search agreement, because of the overall better value proposition.


Temporary & Temporary-to-Hire Management.

Blaze temporary Staffing Services helps improve the way companies do business with innovative solutions for managing their staffing needs.


Employer of Record Services & Payrolling.

Blaze can source talent for your company or hire your pre-identified contingent workers as our own W-2 employees. We are the legal employer of the workers, and we are responsible for issuing payroll checks, and submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes.


Contingent Workforce Solutions.

We understand the challenges companies have in hiring and retaining talent and we are a trusted talent advisor and consultant to numerous HR departments and provide comprehensive and individualized solutions for their contingent workforce needs.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Our company defines and elevates recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions. Our proprietary system and applicant tracking process is designed to simplify and standardize candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, on-boarding and retention.

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