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10 interview tips from recruiters for marijuana industry jobs

The essential qualities considered by an interviewer is passion, commitment, and dedication. Apart from taking accountability for the job, an employee should be pleasing by personality too.Such factors will help you boost productivity and ensure a positive approach for any organization.

Below are some of the questions that can help you analyze, prepare, and get hired by leading cannabis recruiting firms

Q1- What do you find interesting about cannabis industry jobs?

This can be a vital question from an interviewer to understand your interest area and the reason behind looking for this kind of job.

If you are a candidate who is known to the line of business, you will have more words to explain as per your research done for the cannabis industry.

However, if you are a candidate with less information or new to the industry, it is advisable to be specific rather than comprehensive of what interests you about the industry.

Q2 – Have you ever cultivated marijuana crops?

This question can be exciting for a budtender, as it will help an interviewer know more about your knowledge of the product. It is not necessary to have this experience, but it adds value to your skills.

For example, if you have experience in agriculture and botany, there are chances of you getting hired compared to an individual from any other profession.

However, the first thing that impresses an interviewer is your confidence and accountability for the work. Hence, hands-on experience always adds advantages while seeking jobs in the market.

Q3 – How do you ensure the quality of the products?

This question will come up if you have prior experience with a cannabis organization. You will be able to explain the importance of maintaining quality, which will influence your business decisions.

Additionally, an individual’s recruitment chances from the same field are high because you automatically save the organization the cost and time spent behind the training process.

Q4- Can you tell us about different cannabis strains?

If you are an experienced candidate, you will know about the types of cannabis strains. They are either pure or hybrid. Although the brand names vary for different locations, understanding the basics of marijuana strains will help you in your interview.

Q5- Have you visited our website? What did you find interesting about it?

Unlike any organization, this is one of the fundamental questions asked in an interview. Therefore, it is suggested to have a look at the website before you attend an interview.

Additionally, you can enhance your knowledge about the products and services, which in turn, will help you speak confidently during your interview.

Q6- What is your salary expectation?

If you are a fresher, this question should be skipped as you will be paid as per the industry standards. However, if you are an experienced candidate with a fair amount of knowledge about the cannabis industry, you can present an amount that best matches your knowledge and experience.

Q7- What is important to you, money/job satisfaction?

This is always a tricky question by an interviewer, but your answer can be your win-win situation. Any organization will look for your caliber as a candidate, therefore portraying more on the benefits of being employed with the organization while requesting the money that can cover all your needs will be an ideal approach for this question.

Q8- What will you do in situations when you complete your job hours but not your work?

The question may be complicated; however, the answer is simple if you are a candidate who is genuinely dedicated and will ensure you complete the work even if you have to exceed your job hours. Every organization is looking for a candidate who cares about the company’s growth.

Q9- How about working as a team?

Every organization works in coordination to achieve a specified goal; similarly, while applying for a job in the Marijuana industry, the employer will understand your thoughts about the importance of working in a team.

This has nothing to do with whether you have the product knowledge or not; however, sharing your ideas on working in a team will help you increase your overall performance in an interview.

Q10- How do you face challenges?

A good employee must listen to everyone’s perspective to make a strong decision to overcome the challenge. Therefore, your enthusiasm for working as a team can help you justify yourself while you are asked how you face challenges.  

Summing up

In the end, the interviewer is very keen to understand a candidate by their communication. However, preparing for the above question will surely help you to perform confidently in your Marijuana Industry Job.

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